Unitrans Global Logistics Newsletter | Edition 70 | February 13, 2017
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In Edition 70:
> Cancelled Flights at Logan Airport
> Congestion in India's Largest Container Port
> Changes to India Service Tax
> Potential Strike At Spanish Ports
> Germany's 2016 Trade Surplus Hits Record High

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Unitrans Newsroom

Cancelled Flights at Logan Airport

Nearly 500 flights have been cancelled at Boston's Logan International Airport due to Winter Storm Orson. The heavy snow in the Northeast is also causing airline delays and cancellations at other major airline hubs including New Jersey's Newark, New York's LaGuardia, and Baltimore-Washington International Airport. Unitrans will continue to monitor all cancelled flights.

Congestion in India's Largest Container Port

The Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), India's largest container port, is currently experiencing congestion to the point which some container lines have temporarily suspended the acceptance of export containers. According to the Journal of Commerce (JOC), the congestion is due to slowdowns in the direct port delivery (DPD) program. This program is intended to speed imports through the port, however, shipments are not clearing within the stipulated timeframe.

Hapag Lloyd issued a customer notice stating, "DPD customers are not able to pick up containers in 48 hours, due to which yard inventory is piling up and trailers are waiting outside the terminal to gate in. The terminals are operating at a slow pace, leading to congested road condition." Please contact your local Unitrans International representative with any shipment-specific questions.

Changes to India Service Tax

The Government of India recently announced an important change to its new India Service Tax. Last month, the ministry said a tax would be imposed "in respect of services provided or agreed to be provided by way of transportation of goods by a vessel from a place outside India up to the customs station of clearance in India."

The India Service Tax, which will be 4.5 percent of the ocean freight and related freight charges for import shipments destined for India, became effective on January 22. The additional tax will be applied to all 'pre-paid' shipments imported into India including shipments from the United States. If shipments are routed in accordance with the Incoterms of Cost and Freight (CFR) or Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF), the ocean freight is paid by the exporter.

Potential Strike At Spanish Ports

Cargo operations at the Spanish ports of Valencia and Barcelona could be negatively impacted later this month as longshoremen plan protests. Workers have reportedly organized strike actions to occur between February 20 and February 24. The dockworker union states the strike is a response to the government's new proposed legislation which the union claims will force 6,000 to 8,000 workers to lose their jobs. The European Court of Justice has pressured Madrid, Spain's capital, to reform its port labor processes since 2014 and has gone as far as assessing fines of $16.7 million for non-compliance.

Germany's 2016 Trade Surplus Hits Record High

Germany's global trade surplus reached its widest annual margin last year when it reached 252.9 billion Euros ($270.58 billion). A trade surplus occurs when exports exceed imports. Germany's total exports of goods increased 1.2 percent from 2015 while imports increased just 0.6 percent. According to the Wall Street Journal, annual trade between Germany and the U.S. accounts for over $170 billion. Research historical trade volumes between the U.S. and Germany on the U.S. Census website here.

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