Unitrans Life Sciences Logistics Newsletter | Edition 37 | February 28, 2017
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In Edition 37:
> Temp Controlled Comments
Airline/Aircraft Dry Ice Restrictions
Lithium Battery Restrictions
Airlines Adding Temp Controlled Capacity

> Industry, Carrier and Service Updates
Temp Control in Hyderabad
Modern-Day Drug Development Summit
Best-Selling Cancer Drugs in 2022
Pharma Patent Losses of 2017

> Security News
Falsified Cancer Medicine in Germany

> Compliance and Trade Corner
FDA: How New Drugs Are Approved
Big Pharma in Washington
Logistics Economics Snapshot

Logipharma Montreux Switzerland 25-27 April 2017

Unitrans representatives will be at this trade show and conference. Please contact us if you would like to meet us.

Temp Controlled Shipments

Airline/Aircraft Dry Ice Restrictions

When arranging shipments containing dry ice as a coolant keep in mind that airlines have different restrictions on the quantity of dry ice per shipment, compartment and aircraft type. This is particularly important when booking dry ice shipments on narrow body aircraft. Additionally, some wide body aircraft also have restrictions depending on their configuration. Dry ice restrictions may also change if airlines have last minute bookings for animals that move in cargo compartments. For more information about this please contact the Unitrans life science specialists.

Lithium Battery Restrictions

New regulations took effect as of January 1st 2017 requiring the declaration of lithium batteries if they exceed certain quantities per shipment or airway bill. Keep in mind that not only do temperature logging devices often contain lithium cells but also certain medical devices as well as packaging solutions themselves. The total weight of the lithium cells may require labeling and a declaration. Alkaline, lithium button and silver oxide cells are presently not regulated.

Please refer to link for a statement from the US DOT / PHMSA regarding enforcement of regulations related to the movement of lithium batteries.

Airlines Adding Temp Controlled Capacity

United Airlines continues to expand its tempcontrol network; adding Barcelona, Spain and Bordeaux, France, alongside Belfast, Northern Ireland late last year, the carrier now boasts a certified global tempcontrol network totaling 67 stations. Qatar Airways Cargo is adding additional Pharma Express Flights from Basel and Brussels airport.

Industry, Carrier and Service Updates

Unitrans network partner Agility has opened the first temperature-controlled life sciences storage and handling facility in the Hyderabad Airport Zone.

Outsourced Pharma is hosting a summit on modern-day drug development and outsourced manufacturing. Click here for more details and the agenda for this April event.

FiercePharma recently put the spotlight on the top 15 best-selling cancer drugs in 2022. With the cost of drugs under close scrutiny, it's a delicate balance finding the right price for new cures – one that continues to encourage payers to reimburse costs.

In another article, FiercePharma identifies the Top 10 U.S. pharma patent losses of 2017. Copaxone, Cialis and Viagra are among the drugs expected to face stiffer competition.

Security News

The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security organization PCSC are reporting another falsified cancer medicine was found in the legitimate supply chain by Axicorp GmbH in Germany.

Compliance and Trade Corner

Looking to streamline the rules and regs and amid speculation about who will head the FDA under the Trump administration, here's a snapshot of how new drugs are approved today.

In a meeting with six top pharmaceutical executives and the head of the industry lobbying group PhRMA, President Donald Trump told the room he wanted to remove regulations, lower drug prices, bring on tax reform and move manufacturing back the U.S. For a transcript of Trump's January 31st meeting with Big Pharma click here.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development has released its January 2017 edition of Logistics Snapshot providing a great overview of U.S. Trade and economic developments, air, sea, trucking and multi-modal freight indices.

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