Unitrans Life Sciences Logistics Newsletter | Edition 2 | March 24, 2015
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In Edition 2:
IATA Harmonizing Pharmaceutical Handling
Industry, Carrier and Service updates
Security Updates: Medical Database Security Breaches
Compliance Corner: India and USCBP Developments

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Coldchain Comments

The International Air Transport Association at its recent meeting in Shanghai announced: Three Priorities for Air Cargo.

Harmonized handling of pharmaceutical goods: Will help support air cargo's competitiveness in this growing sector, The new initiative: The Centre of Excellence for Independent Validation in Pharmaceutical Logistics. Thankfully referred to as CEIV Pharma, readers may be familiar with the CEIV Cargo Security program which was created to help the industry comply with the requirements of the EU ACC3 security regulations. CEIV Pharma further develops this concept.

CEIV Pharma calls for carriers to review and validate their cold chain processes and provides training to guarantee compliance with all standards and applicable regulatory requirements. A number of organizations are currently working to achieve CEIV certification. In December last year, Brussels Airport coordinated with 12 businesses operating at BRU to enable CEIV certification. A wide network of certified companies and trade lanes, were independently assessed in compliance with international regulations.

The benefits of CEIV certification should instill trust and confidence with shippers that systems, facilities and trained staff are transporting and proactively managing their temperature sensitive products.

Unitrans had a discussion with the owners of the Pharmaport 360 solution. The previous owners (Cool Containers) sold the rights to this unit to AAR, who are primarily involved with aircraft parts/maintenance.

AAR expects to start manufacturing a new fleet of units starting in April 2015 at a rate of approx. 30-40 units per month. AAR does not intend to grant any carrier or freight forwarder exclusivity on this equipment.


Industry, Carrier and Service updates:

AIRFREIGHT: Martinair Cargo is phasing out the MD11 Freighter by June 2016 as part of KLM Cargo's ongoing fleet renewal program. Martinair Cargo will scale back its MD-11 freighter fleet but continue as a freighter operator for Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo using three Boeing 747-ERFs and a Boeing 747-BCF. They will maintain their cargo schedule in/out of the important Puerto Rico market by shifting 747 freighter capacity from other markets.

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Aer Lingus posts 2014 profit rise in the wake of failed IAG takeover.

One man's vision: What do you do with a retired Boeing 747-300 aircraft?

SEAFREIGHT: Following the termination of service to/from Puerto Rico at the end of 2014, Horizon Lines announces the sale of their Puerto Rico Terminal. Sea freight bookings remain tight on the USA-PR trade lane in anticipation of additional capacity as carriers work to improve margins. In the meantime there are backlogs, primarily for reefer cargo, on this lane. Unitrans can provide airfreight options for certain types of commodities.

Sea freight is often referred to as one of the greenest, sustainable modes of transportation. Here's how the maritime industry continues to innovate while reducing fuel consumption in the process: 

TRUCKING:  Industry trends – 15 things to watch for in 2015 and beyond:

A snapshot of the top 50 Largest Logistics Companies in North. America.

BIOTECH:Beer and Biotech - not such an odd couple – a look at the perfect partnership as a Philadelphia micro-brewery teams up with biotech in a quest for the ultimate brew:

Gates Foundation announces its support for mRNA vaccines facility.

For our readers in the Boston area a great ROI – see who is getting rich off of Biogen Idec's success (courtesy of the Boston Business Journal). Biogen Idec also announcing a name change as it prepares to focus on Alzheimer's drug:

Security News

Following confirmed incidents of hackers violating patient databases at CHS, Anthem Blue Cross and most recently, Premera Blue Cross and affiliate LifeWise Health Plan, medical identity fraud is a clear and present danger. Its not so much your personal financial data at risk. The problem is more difficult to detect, and a far greater threat to your personal medical profile and well-being.

From our friends at the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition we received warning about a European cargo theft modus operandi advisory from Europol called the Trojan Horse.

Freight Watch International Supply Chain Intelligence Center notes concern over the increased sophistication and organization structures trending among cargo thieves. To register for FREE intelligence analysis and reports click here.

Compliance Corner

INDIA: Ranking 126th for "ease of doing business" out of 189 countries ranked by the World Bank in 2015, it's a relief to see The Economic Times reporting that India has reduced the document burden on imports and exports. The directive* which takes effect April 1, 2015, will reduce from 10 documents currently to 3 required documents for import or export transactions:

  1. Bill of Lading/Airway Bill
  2. Combined Commercial Invoice/Packing List and
  3. Bill of Entry. *For some categories of restricted/regulated or other compliance reliant commodities, the corresponding authority may advise additional documentary requirements.

FROM USCBP: sign up for USCBP webinar program focusing on submission of electronic data for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

The Single Window is a part of the President's Executive Order on Streamlining the Export/Import Process for America's Businesses, signed on February 19, 2014, and directs all U.S. federal agencies with a role in trade to complete development of an electronic Single Window by December 2016. The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) will become the Single Window – the primary system through which the trade community will report imports and exports.

The Single Window will provide a single, harmonized message set of trade-related data and documents required by all federal agencies. This data will be collected in CBP's ACE system, for access by PGAs. The Webinar is scheduled March 24 from 2 to 3 pm (EST). Registration via the following link:

Registration  |  Cancellation

If this doesn't reach you in time to register for the live webinar, as a backup, all webinars will be recorded and posted (about 3 days later) on the BIEC portion of the CBP website.

For further information on the webinar, contact:
Trudy Rutland
Office of Trade Relations
Supervisory Supply Chain Security Specialist
Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism
Headquarters Washington D.C.
U.S. Customs & Border Protection
Phone: 202-344-2062
E-mail: Trudy.Rutland@dhs.gov

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